An aspiring cognitive and data agency with a keen focus on strategic advisory of disruptive data-driven transformation of organizations.

We are natural problem investigator, pathfinders, solution builders, and sometimes trouble intended instigators with our passion for good data practice, sense of ethics and equality, and the deepest respect for truth.


THC Network is also a part of the global Data-For-Goodness movement and we are open to unconventional collaborative approaches to solve wicked problems and improve quality of life. We believe this well-being is the key aspect to unlock full human capital potential, shifting the mindset from not only just surviving our perpetual disruptive world but to thrive and dominate it.


Our Approach


​Data. Model. Action

Our dramatic moto “Data. Model. Action” is the embodiment of our refined best practice of problem-solution iteration. Data are skillfully processed into Models that closely reflect business reality with a strong emphasis on forward-looking indicators. Predictive analysis helps in identifying which knob to turn and its potential impacts. The cognitive flow between data and model and model to actions are fueled through a prudent communication & consensus-building process from all stakeholders to combine the best of both quantitative insights and qualitative wisdom from vertical experts.

Our Services

  • Discover data portfolio and its potential

    Building a holistic view of the existing data portfolio of the organization by sweeping through of data sources, pipeline processing, data schema structure to establish a top-down view of the existing data foundation. 

  • Revision of conventional metrics and data business model

    Our model recalibration service aims to reduce the gap between data reality versus conventional metrics and models, detecting early warnings.  Recent state-of-the-art data science practices also allow new non-linear ways of looking at data and help discover pockets of enhancement.

  • Actionable insights and execution strategy

    Actionable insights can be broken down into two categories: Levers to pull are available and known, or a certain discovery process needs to be done to optimize the desirable action. Usually, a good actionable insight often requires building a new lever to pull because it often deals with an area that hasn’t been touched.

  • CDO-as-a-Service

    We offer the peace of mind for a one-stop “CDO-as-a-service” shop to champion your inhouse analytics, do data entrepreneur, P&L owner, can work as a data developer, be a data defender or a data architect, and finally as a data governor as well as an ethicist in both shared or exclusive arrangement.


#THCNWX Domain Sponsors

Tan Huynh


Strategic Data Executive & Entrepreneur

Mr. Tan Huynh has 13 years of experience in serving as consortium leaders and project manager for various signature tech and data transformation programs of Vietnam key projects. THC Network brings forward the value of a topline turn-key partner through our tightly integrated collaborative alliances includes a deep AI research institute, a cloud service partner, and a digital pioneer agency. We work with the best team respective fields holistically design and deliver solutions while our core team executes the data-driven topline strategies.


#THCNWX Domain Consultants

Our Partnered Network

Glass Buildings


AISIA Lab is a member of THC Network partner alliances that specializes in building deep AI model into practical product.  AISIA Lab were found by Dr. Binh T Nguyen and Dr. Dang Huynh who have had more than 40 publications in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision and other Deep Learning Modeling best practices.

Computer Robot


TechX is an upstart AWS cloud computing service partner found by Ms Hong Tran, whose nickname has been “The Steel Rose of Vietnam Tech”. In 2020, Ms Hong Tran won the Woman ICT Award by Channel Asia through her contribution in helping business on their cloud transformation especially for Financial Service Institutions in Vietnam.

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